About Company

Who We Are

Kabsons Industries Limited is presently holding Seven LPG filling plants and one godown space at Khargar, Maharashtra and Factory shed at Aurangabad, Maharashtra and open plot at Nellimerla Industrial Estate, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.

Presently some of the plants are given on lease to local third parties and Company is operating four plants located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra state, Palej, Gujarat state, Khurda, Orissa state and Ranchi, Jharkhand state and also giving bottling assistance to other parallel marketers.

Due to continuation of LPG subsidy by Central Government and PSU’s, there is huge difference in LPG parallel market price and Oil Company LPG price, due to which our Company is not able to market the LPG as envisaged at the time of the starting of the project. However, in view of recent proposed change in subsidy policy of Government of India, fixing the supply of subsidized Domestic cylinders to 12nos, our Company is expecting some business opportunity for LPG trading and there by starting our other LPG plants operations shortly.

Main Objects Of The Company

To carry on the business of manufacturing, refining, importing, exporting, sorting, selling, supplying and dealing in all types of Petrochemicals, chemicals used in Petroleum Industry their Products, by-products and derivatives and fractioning, Compounding, reacting and liquefying all hydrocarbon gases and solids of liquids and produce all types of intermediate, finished and waste products for self use or sale.

To manufacture, Purchase or otherwise acquire and to import, store, export, sell, trade and deal in all types of Electrical and Engineering Products process equipments for petrochemical chemical, electronic and Electrical Industries and other combustible gas equipments, accessories, attachments, appliances, machines and refrigeration items.

To carry on the business of manufacturing, producing, acquiring, buying, importing, selling, exporting, leasing, creating, processing, refining, experimenting with storing, distributing, piping and or transporting and otherwise dealing in all kinds and classes of lubricating devices, sealing devices, lubricants, compositions, bleaching agents, petroleum products, chemicals, chemical products, paints, dyes and dye stuffs, pharmaceutical products, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas.

To carry on the business of Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Holiday Camps, Resorts, Short Term to Long Term Accommodations, refreshment rooms, night clubs, cabarets and swimming pools and lodging or apartment house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, brewers, distillers, bakers and confectioners and importers of aerated mineral and artificial water and other drinks.

To act as tour operators, hotel management consultants, managers, operators, advisors, planners, valuers and to impart technical know-how and training in the field of planning, construction, operation of hotels, motels, restaurants, recreation and entertainment centres in the field of tourism industry whether in India or abroad and to purchase erect or otherwise acquire, establish and equip and act as collaborators, technicians, financiers to any other hotel or restaurant in India or abroad holiday resorts of tourist interest or any other place either in India or any part of the world.